Silent Logging Android Explained; Everything You Should Know

Silent Logging

What is silent logging?

Silent logging is a pre-installed app on Samsung android devices with the VoLTE feature.



It is a high-speed wireless communication that is available in modern equipment settings and connections for data terminals, and mobile devices.

Its package name is com.sec.modem.settings, which indicates that it is related to modem settings.

Silent logging android forms part of Kernel management. it logs quietly to the internet and records activities in the background.

It gives the device access to the kernel, allowing it to do tasks like installing and uninstalling apps.

Not all smartphones support this app.

The kernel is a piece of code that is loaded into a protected area to prevent other programs from overwriting it.

Is Silent Logging App malware?

There have been a lot of questions regarding the type of app this silent logging is.

People are worried and most of them believe it is a virus while others see it as spyware that steals their information online.

Well, I wish to announce to you that the Silent Logging app is not a dangerous, or harmful app, neither is it a virus, malware, or bloatware of any kind, rather it is an official Android App.

There is limited information on the internet about this app, however, there have been reports that it consumes an excessive amount of battery and Data.

It also requires more permission than most android apps. considering that requires permission for mic and camera, we recommended you uninstall or disable the app.



If you’re having any other challenges outside the ones mentioned above, you can consider either clearing the cache or factory resetting your device.

Permissions for Silent Logging

SilentLogging requires vital permissions from your device to function effectively.

You can see all of the permissions required for the app’s correct operation if you go into the app’s internal settings.

To see the essential permissions required for the optimal functioning of the app, simply check the app’s internal settings.

To do this follow these steps; Settings > Apps > Show System Apps > Silent Logging.

Then you can view the permissions.



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How to Get the Silent Logging App and Install It

The first step in getting the silent logging app is to download the (dot).apk file to your devices.

The next step will be to enable third-party apps to run on your device.

Then install the silent log app.

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Now head straight to your browser’s location or file manager and locate the silent log.

Finally, relax and appreciate the device’s ability to protect your device against spyware, malware, and adware viruses.

Can I uninstall silent logging?



This is another popular question on the internet about this app, however, if you have been following it from the beginning you will no longer be in doubt concerning this.

For the sake of those that might have omitted it, silent logging can be uninstalled, removed, disabled, or deleted.

However, being that it is an internal application it cannot be uninstalled in a direct manner, however, with a rooted device, this is possible.

How To Uninstall Silent Logging App

The get rid of the silent logging app follow the steps below;

On your smartphone, go to Settings > Apps.

While on the Apps section and tap the three dots in the top right corner.

In the Menu, select Show System Apps.



Search for the app using the name or the package name.

Select the silent logging option.

Next clear data and cache storage.

Select Disable to turn off the Silent logging app.

Final Thoughts

Silent logging as the name implies is a quiet logging application that assists Android devices in gaining access to their devices in order to monitor and correct issues.

Although the software is not spyware, it has the appearance of spyware due to its behaviors and name.

Just like every other application, it has its pros and cons.



As you know, it keeps the gadgets safe and virus-free, but it quickly drains your device battery.

Good a thing, it can be disabled without putting your device at risk.

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