Snapchat Dark mode iOS And Android | How To Activate Snapchat Dark Mode on Android and iPhone

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Snapchat Dark Mode – We have gotten a lot of questions on this subject.

So many of you have called to ask questions like “Will Snapchat Ever Have Dark Mode?”, When is Snapchat dark mode going to be releases, etc.



Late last year, Snapchat began testing dark mode on its select group of users.

The new feature is now being rolled out more widely by the Monica, California-based company
Snapchat users on iOS can now use dark mode on their iPhones, as first noted by MacRumors. 

Well in today’s post, I am going to answer that question, so if you are in this category patiently read this post to the end.

What exactly is Dark Mode?

Dark mode (also known as night mode) is an environment or setting in which the application’s color scheme is changed to a darker landscape or theme.

The dark mode is also known as bedtime mode, which is the setting to use if you intend to stay up late 9 with the lights out).

It changes/disables the standard color scheme for limited time. 

It is supported by other applications Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram.
With the introduction of dark mode, it is now possible to use cell phones at night., without putting much pressure on the eyes, or making sleeping difficult.
Furthermore, the dark mode aids in the conservation of the device’s battery capacity.
As result, Snapchat users are eager to learn more about this feature in the app and whether or not they can use it.

Does Snapchat Have The Night Mode Feature



Snapchat is popular social media site that is known for releasing large number of updates on daily basis in order to meet user expectations. 

The latter is often ecstatic when new function is added to the platform.
However, after months of waiting, Snapchat for iOS has finally received the much-anticipated dark mode that has been supported by other common social media apps.
Snapchat users, also known as Snapchatters, will now enjoy dark theme when viewing images and interacting with their contacts on the app. 
More than 90% of Snapchat’s iOS users are said to have access to the latest experience. 

How To Use Snapchat On iOS

To use dark mode on Snapchat, open the App, and go to your profile > Settings > AppAppearance > AlwaysDark.
The app’s Appearance setting also includes Match System option, which allows users to apply the default iOS system theme.
Snapchat also has ‘Match System’ feature, which allows users to use the default iOS system theme. 
Additionally, the Snapchat app has default Always Light feature that maintains the current light appearance

How To Update Your iPhone App To Use The Snapchat App

Updating your apps on Android or iOS devices is possible and simple.
If you’re using an iPhone, follow these steps:
Launch the App Store application.
At the bottom of the screen, tap “Today.”
At the top right of the page, tap your profile photo.
To manually update your Snapchat app, scroll down and select “Update Everything.”
You can also set your individual programs to update automatically when connected to WiFi, which normally happens in the background.

How To Enable Snapchat Dark Mode On Android

There are a number of ways to activate a dark mode on Snapchat on your Android phone.

To get Snapchat dark mode on your Android phone, follow the steps below:

Open the device’s settings menu.
Select Security > Lock screen and Security > Unknown sources from the menu bar.
Enable downloads from unknown sources by checking the box.
Next, Download the Substratum app from the Google Play Store.
Launch the app and choose the theme you’d like to use as your Snapchat backdrop.
Choose the name of the device and the app on which it will be used. 
Then select the choice to install.


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