What is Summit IMS Service on my android phone Used For?   

Summit IMS Service

What is Summit IMS Service?

Summit IMS Service is a multifunctional, universal industry standard for audio and multimedia



communication over an IP network with packets. It is a supplemental service for the

Messages+ application that is required for your messaging app to function properly.

The IMS Logger is a message sync tool that is offered by and designed for Samsung phones. There’s a chance you won’t find it in other phones. This makes it simple for the device to operate as intended

In this post, you will learn the fundamental capabilities of the IMS Service software and its purpose.

What is IMS Service app? | Summit IMS Service

IMS Service is the IP multimedia and voice service system that is pre-installed in Android-powered mobile phones. It enables your device to function in the best possible way and without any issues when your phone tries to contact a service provider.



It is a fundamental networking technology that can act as a low-level building block for

more advanced networking innovations like Video Calling, Video Sharing, Push-To-View, Push-To-Talk (PTT), and Voice over IP (VoIP).

Is Summit IMS Service Spyware or Virus or Safe App?

Some users believe that deleting the application will fix their Unfortunately IMS Service Has Stopped or other IMS Service-related errors because they believe it to be a virus or malware.

This problem is typically brought on by previously downloaded programs. In order to fix the problem, you will need to identify which app was most recently installed and remove it. By accessing the Messages app’s internal settings and selecting only the system apps, you can also solve the problem by clearing the cache and data on the app.

What is Summit IMS Service Used For?

The IMS Service is in charge of enabling the proper delivery of services through an IP network system, including text messages, multimedia communications, and calls. This is accomplished by automatically establishing a connection between the service and the user’s carrier or service provider.

You will see some of the problems that some users experience while this page is being developed as well as whether it is possible to remove this pre-installed application.

What Permission Does The IMS Service Require?



The following are the permissions required for the IMS Service to have its features ready for your device to use.




Call records







Summit ims service unrestricted data

Summit ims service draining battery

Summit ims service appeared on my phone

Can I Uninstall the Summit IMS

As we’ve already mentioned, the IMS Service typically comes pre-installed, and typically, this software is included with Samsung phones. As a factory application, this app cannot be removed using a standard user’s system.



It may be possible for some handsets with a different system encryption to have it removed, however doing so is not advised because this service is crucial for the proper operation of the phone.

FAQs |Summit IMS Service

Is IMS service necessary? 

Even though that IMS may not be regarded as a necessary program, it appears that  some mobile operators gains from its efficiencies. The IMS architecture seems to be a logical evolution for wireless operators that have been searching for a streamlined solution to deliver engaging applications for a long time.

Why does my phone have IMS service?

By storing temporary files on the partition, the cache speeds up program loading times.

However, this cache may get tainted with time.

Certain Android applications, particularly the messaging app, may experience troubles as a result of this corrupted cache and stop functioning properly.



How can I stop using the IMS service?

Go to Settings > Apps > select Messaging from the list > Storage > Clear Cache to accomplish this. Our Device Support page is a wonderful place to go for the instructions if following these steps does not allow you to finish this.

The best way to clear my IMS service

Volume Up, Home, and Power buttons should all be pressed and held simultaneously. Release the Power key when the phone vibrates, but keep pressing and holding the Volume Up key and the Home key. Hold down the Volume Up and Home keys until the Android System Recovery screen appears, then release them.

How can I stop messages from syncing on IMS?

Try the following, please:

From the home screen, swipe left and pick the AT&T folder.



Pick the Usage Manager application.

Choose the Messages Backup and Sync app from the Data consumption column after scrolling down.

Choose View All if you can’t find the software you’re looking for.

Click on StorageForce Stop.

How can halt IMS syncing?

Open the Email app on the phone to turn off this feature.

In the Accounts group, tap Settings, then tap Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

Then select Settings from the Common Settings section, and finally select Your Email Address.



Uncheck Sync SMS in the Server settings section by scrolling down.
What is Verizon’s IMS service app?

What does imslogger+ on Android serve as a tool for?

The IMS Logger is a message sync tool that is offered by and designed for Samsung phones.

There’s a chance you won’t find it in other phones.

This makes it simple for the device to operate as intended.

It successfully connects to communication apps offered by suppliers.

An IMS message is what?



IMS communications frequently have several components. Multiple segments may be present in the bit stream (also known as the transmission) that moves between IBM® Integration Bus and the IMS program. The LLZZ and Transaction code fields, which are explained in IMS nodes, are the first fields in each segment.

How do I go to the IMS settings?

To access IMS Settings, enter *#*#467#*#.IMS Service Switch” must be tapped.

An IMS status is what?

It shows whether your VoLTE service is on or off. In essence, 4G (LTE) is made to attain faster data speeds. Voice service is not supported by it.

What is the off status for IMS registration?

IMS Registration may show “Not Registered” for a variety of reasons, including a damaged or absent UICC (SIM card), radio firmware problems, mismatched hardware blobs as a result of ROM compatibility issues, etc. However, a non-provisioned device and carrier are the main culprits.



How do I start the IMS registration process?

If your device is enabled and you have been using a Sprint, Virgin Mobile, FreedomPop /Ting, Boost Mobile, or Text Now compatible smartphone, open your stock dialer, call ##72786#, and then hit YES on the SCRTN menu.

How do I fix IMS not registered on Samsung?

The best way to register my Samsung network

Restart your Android device.

Disable Wi-Fi.

Android phone software update.



Put the SIM Card back in.

Choose your network manually.

Modify the network’s mode.

Call your cellphone provider.

Refresh the APN settings.

Why is my SIM card not being read by my Samsung phone?

A loose SIM card slot will result in the card losing contact with the device’s reader.

Solution: You can try applying pressure to the slot and then rechecking to see if the SIM is being held securely.

The SIM card reader and slot are covered in dust, which prevents the reader from correctly reading the card.

How do I get rid of IMS service?

Is it possible to remove them and stop getting them? 
Go to Settings>Appstouch the choices (3 dots top right), and choose Show System Apps to turn off the notifications. 
Select IMS Service from the list at the bottom, then deselect Notifications.

What does Samsung IMS registration mean?

IMS Registration can display “Not Registered” for a variety of reasons, including a malfunctioning or missing UICC (SIM card), radio firmware that is not working properly, mismatched hardware blobs caused by an unworkable ROM, and more.

However, a non-provisioned device and carrier are the main culprits.

Why can’t I make calls on my phone, Samsung?

If you are unable to make calls from your phone, there may be an issue with the SIM card in your phone, physical damage to your phone, a problem with your account, or a problem with your carrier.

What does “your being routed to T Mobile” actually mean?

If our customer service representatives answer your calls right away, the account is past due. What do they say about your account when you talk to our care staff? This might possibly point to a SIM-related problem.

What does it mean when a phone indicates that it is not currently receiving calls?

It’s possible that the person you’re calling has blocked your number, which is why you’re seeing the notice “Person is not accepting calls.” Most of the time, you can leave a voicemail but cannot speak with the person directly. If it doesn’t work, try calling a different acquaintance you two have.

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