Toxicwap Download 2021- How To Download TV Series, Movies, And Music On Toxicwap


ToxicWap download- the most amazing feature on the Toxic website. 

This unique feature is what makes for easy movie download on the toxicWap download site.

If you want to learn how to download movies, music, or TV series from toxicWap site, please continue reading.


Because I will be focusing on how to download TV series, music, videos from toxicWap app, and website. 

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ToxicWap is a website for downloading the latest movies at no cost. It has a large database of movies, TV series and other categories such as listed below;


Downloading from toxicwap website is easy, simple and straight.

Below is how to download on the website.

Visit the official toxicwap website on your web browser.

You will see different categories, click on what you want. Another page opening in a new tab once click, these are ads and you’ll be able to shut them.


To download toxicwap movies, simply follow the steps above and choose Movies from the category section.

  1. Wait for the movie page to open, then select the particular movie you want to download
  2. Click on Proceed to download on the next page, the choose the part you want to download
  3. Scroll down and select Download
  4. Enter the verification code or process required and when done, click on Continue download.
  5. After a few seconds, the download should begin.

That is all that you need to download toxicwap movie from toxicwap website.


To learn how to download series on toxicwap, and download the latest or recently updated series on Toxicwap, simply follow the steps listed below;

  1. Visit the Toxicwap website and click on “TV Series” from the Categories, this will reveal the toxicwap download series.
  2. Scroll down to “TV Series list below” and click on the first letter of the TV series you want to download.

Example: If you want to download “A Lie To Die For“, click on the letter “A.” 

This will display TV Series starting with the letter A.

      3.Then scroll down and search for the movie on the TV series list.

If it is not on the first page,  scroll down and click on  2 for the second page, 3 for third page etc. until you see it.

      4.Click on the movie when you find it, and choose the season you want to download from, this will display the episodes in the movies, .

      5.Then choose the particular episode you want, and click on it, and finally click on the “Download” button.

      6.Enter the text on the blank space, and click “Continue to Download

 Your download will start automatically.

For those asking how to download music on toxicwap, it is not possible to download music on the platform at the moment.

We will keep you updated if the toxicwap download music or video category is added back to the platform.

Feel free to let us know your thought in the comment section, and if we have missed out on something let leave a comment in the section below.

Thank you.


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