How To Unlock Your iPhone For Free Without a Passcode Using Any Network Sim Card

Unlock Your iPhone

Have you been wondering on how to unlock your iPhone from any carrier Network?

There are several reasons you might want to unlock your phone, one of such could that you want to change the carrier; it could be that you are dissatisfied with your current service provider as a result of poor services rendered, high service charges or relocation.



In this post, you will learn how to unlock any iPhone model no matter the network carrier, fix sim not supported issue, and use it with any carrier of your choice.

You will also learn how to unlock iPhone passcode. You will also learn how to unlock iPhone with iTunes.

Let’s get started!


The methods I will be sharing with you can be used to unlock iPhone with iTunes, or wifi.

There are four basic steps to take when you want to unlock an iPhone. it is not difficult, anybody can do it, in fact, you don’t need to be a tech-savvy to do it.



you can unlock your iPhone with passcode unlock, you can also use the network unlock and finally there is the iCloud unlock.

Let’s look at each one in details.


This is the most common type of iPhone unlock, it becomes necessary to use when you forgot your passcode, or you want to unlock disabled iPhone screen ( a phone that the screen is disabled).

The downside of this method is that you will lose all your data except you have a backup.

  • To unlock your iPhone without a passcode, the first step is to connect your iPhone to a computer vis a USB cord, as soon as the computer detects the phone, power of the iPhone.
  • Put your iPhone in recovery mode, simply press and hold the power and home button at the same time, this should go on for ten (10) seconds, after which you release the Power button only.
  • Continue holding the Home button until you receive a message from iPhone that reads ” your phone has been detected as recovery mode’
  • Then click restore and reset iPhone. This will last for 30 minutes to 1hour.

But once it is up, you will be able to access your phone again.

Note: You will lose all your data.




This method will make your iPhone compatible with any network. It does not require factory resetting, jailbreaking, or any form of modification required.

This method is not free, but once you do it, your phone will become more valuable.

Before you take these steps, it recommended that you contact your network service provider and request an unlock.

  • The first and most important step is to get your phone IMEI Number, to do this simply dial *#06# you will see a fifteen digit number, that is your phones IMEI Number, write it down.
  • Visit on your web browser, and select the country and servicer provider your phone is locked to.
  • Input the brand and iPhone model you want to unlock.
  • Input the 15 digits IMEI Number. Enter your email, and phone number, and click unlock
  • once you place your order, you will receive an email saying your iPhone has been factory unlocked successfully.
  • Connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi to activate the unlock. This can be done in two ways; connect to wi-fi using your iPhone, or connect to iTunes, and your computer must have an active internet connection.
  • Simply connect your iPhone to wifi to your computer, once this is done you will get a message saying your iPhone has been unlocked and you will be able to use it with any service provider.

The above steps is used to achieve a networked factory unlock.


The iCloud lock is the most complicated iPhone unlock method available.

It is recommended for one who just bought an iPhone that has a locked screen, or people who can’t remember their iCloud account password.



The only permanent solution for this type of phone lock is to get the iCloud account that your phone is currently locked with.

You can either contact the previous owner of the phone, or you use the forgot password option to get your own password.

There are a lot of temporary solution that will show you how to temporarily bypass the iCloud lock on your phone.

These methods are changing continuously based on iPhone versions, so it is best to search for how to bypass the cloud lock based on the current iOS version of your phone.

The best way to avoid this problem is not to have it at all, to do this go to and check the current status of the iPhone you want to buy.

Enter the IMEI Number to check if it has an iCloud lock or if it is ready to use.

This is a very handy tool to have in case you are using an iPhone.



I hope this information is useful, please share.

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