View Amazon Archived Orders – How To Find And View Amazon Archived Orders | 2 Ways To View Archived Orders on Amazon

Amazon archived orders

Amazon Archived Orders are those orders that do not appear in the order history and can only be seen by the main user.

Do you know that Amazon, the face of e-commerce, keeps track of every single item, you purchased from them, and makes finding it very easy?



Yes, each time you place an order on the platform, it is stored in your order history and can be retrieved at any point in the future for any reason

Also, in the event you want to reorder, the items you previously searched for always appear in the search bar, saving you time.

However, there could be a situation you don’t want your orders to be seen by some else, using your profile, you can archive by yourself, and hide it from order history.

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How to Archive Amazon Orders                        

There are several reasons one might want to archive and hide his/her order from history.

For example, if you share your account with others, hiding your orders on Amazon, will help you to maintain your privacy.



Since the Amazon order list does get archived automatically, you have to manually hide it, so to archive your past orders, simply follow the steps below;

On your web browser, Log in to the Amazon website via your PC. You can also use the Amazon app on a mobile device.

Click on the “Returns and Orders” option, located at can the top section of the profile.

Go through the history report of amazon order online, and find the order particular order you intend to hide.

You can also use the search bar to make it faster if you have a long amazon purchase history.

Click on Amazon “Order Details”, and select “Archive Order” from the options provided.



You will see a pop window, click on Archive Order again to confirm your choice, and the order will be hidden.

If there are more than one item in the order, all of them will be archived.

How to See Amazon Archived Orders

There are two different ways you can view your Amazon archived orders, and I will show you in a jiffy.

How to view Amazon archived orders 1

Sign in to
Hover over Accounts Lists in the top right corner of your Amazon account tab. 
Then, from the list of options shown, choose Your Account.
Under it, select Account, then, in the Account section, select Order and Shopping Preferences section, click Next.
Select Archived Orders from the drop-down menu.

How to view Amazon Archived Orders 2

Sign in to your Amazon account at



Then press Orders in the top right corner of your Amazon profile page.

Hover over Accounts & Lists if Orders isn’t showing up for you.

Then, from the choices shown, choose Your Orders from the list (see the second image below).

When the Orders tab a[[aers on the Your Orders List, select the past six(6) months from the drop-down menu.

A number of years will appear in the drop-down menu.

Click on Archived Orders from the options provided.

This is where you’ll see all of the orders you’ve saved.



Unarchive Order to delete an order from the list and return it to the Your Orders tab.


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