How To View Deleted Posts on Reddit – A Comprehensive Guide.

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View Deleted Posts on Reddit is the subject for our discussion today.

We’re going to tackle the issue of “How to See Deleted Reddit Comments and 



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What Is Reddit?

Reddit is an online discussion platform that receives hundreds of questions and comments every day, and a large number of individuals use it on a daily basis for conversation, learning, or just passing the time.

It is a popular online message board that receives over a billion monthly page views.

Reddit contains a wealth of knowledge on a variety of topics, both filtered and uncensored, and the greatest part is that you may use it anonymously without disclosing your name.



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5 Ways to Read Deleted Reddit Comments or Posts.

  1. Un-Delete Reddit Comments
  2. Unreddit
  3. Ceddit
  4. Resavr
  5. Wayback Machine
  6. Removeddit

How to Read Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments

1.Un-Delete Reddit Comments




Un-Delete Reddit Comments is a Chrome add-on that allows you to save and reopen Reddit content.

The Reddit pages are cached in your browser using Google’s IndexedDB.



Although this program will not help you retrieve deleted posts and comments from Reddit, it will assist you in saving or storing your favorite articles from Reddit so that you may access them later.

This is a Chrome extension that allows you to save Reddit posts for later viewing.

It allows you to save any form of a comment, even if it is later deleted.

It won’t let you recover deleted comments, but if you manually cache every key conversation, it can be a useful tool.

To use the extension, simply open the post you want to cache on Reddit and click the extension button.

A huge Cache button will appear next to the URL.



When you press the button, the page will be cached.  To return to the stored page, click on the extension button.

How To Install Un-delete Reddit Comment

To install and use the Un-delete Reddit comments extension, follow the steps below:

Click this here to go to the Chrome Extensions store

In the popup box that displays, select “Add to Chrome” and then “Add Extension.”

Visit after you’ve been added.

Select the post you want to archive or cache, then click the Chrome extension bar’s

Un-Delete Reddit Comments icon.



A large blue button with the word “Cache” will appear, which will automatically cache the page in your browser.


Unreddit is a Chrome add-on that allows you to view deleted Reddit comments and see posts that have been erased.

To use this extension, go to the Chrome extension store and search for “Unreddit.Click the “Add to Chrome” button on the first selection.

Click “Add Extension” in the next popup box and wait for the extension to be added.

Go to Reddit and read any post there.

The plugin will automatically retrieve and display all removed comments for that post.



Unreddit is compatible with both the old and new versions of Reddit.

The main disadvantage of this plugin is that it does not operate on Reddit versions that are not in English.

3. Removeddit




If you’re searching for a way to remove Reddit posts, Removeddit is a good option for you.

It is a popular website that has been around for a few years and serves a lot of cached Reddit posts and comments.



You can view comments and posts on Removeddit in a variety of ways.

You can either go to the website and look for the posts and comments directly, or you can use the alternate option listed below.

Step 1: Go to the Reddit website and select the URL for the post you want to use.

It’s possible that the URL will be similar to this one.

Step 2: Simply replace the word “Reddit” with Removeddit in the URL, as seen here.

It also shows the number of comments that have previously been removed from that

particular post; in our example, there are 12 removed comments and 65 deleted comments.



Simply scroll down to see all of Reddit’s deleted and erased comments.

For easy understanding of what data is retrieved, the removed comments will have a red background and the deleted comments will have a blue background.

4.Ceddit – Use Read Reddit Comments That Have Been Deleted




Ceddit, like Removeddit, can assist you to recover deleted posts and comments, and the method is very identical to that of Removeddit.



It will attempt to recover the majority of deleted comments from the system, but it is possible that it will not be able to do so completely because some comments may be deleted before Ceddit can cache them.

 Step 1: To use Ceddit, go to, find the post you want to use, and click on the URL.

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Step 2: in the URL, remove the phrase “Reddit” and replace it with “Ceddit,” as follows:

When you’re ready, You’ll be taken to a new page where you can search for deleted Reddit comments.

5.Resavr – for reading Reddit comments that have been removed






Another useful tool for viewing deleted Reddit comments is Resavr.

They only retrieve and save deleted comments with a length of 650 characters or more.

According to the website, comments with 650+ characters may include valuable information, and retrieving it rather than recovering all comments may assist a lot of people to access that information.

It also allows the website to save a significant amount of server space by removing brief comments.



Visit Resavr’s homepage to see all of the top comments added to the system recently if you want to see deleted comments on Reddit using Resavr.

You can also use the search box in the upper right corner to look for comments by typing the title of the post.

They also offer a Recent Remarks option that displays all of the platform’s recently deleted comments.

Apart from comments, they also display the character length, as well as the date and time when the post was deleted.

You can use this information to learn more about the provided post on websites like the Wayback Machine.

6. Wayback Machine




The Wayback Machine is a website that saves a copy of every website that can be found on the internet.

They may not have all of the information.

If you look at their statistics, the amount of information they have for each website is staggering.

The Wayback Machine is a fascinating method to look for old Archived Reddit posts and comments.

They also assist a large number of individuals in learning more about older content as well as some unique Reddit posts.

They have archived versions of so many websites on a daily basis.

They also crawl Reddit multiple times a day and has a lot of information and archived Reddit pages on their server.

To access Archived Reddit posts and comments go to and in the search box type in the Reddit URL which is

Once done, you will see a big chart with years, and below that another big square chart with days and months highlighted in blue and green colors.

Click on the year for which you want to see Cached or archived Reddit data and then Select Day from the month calendar as per your choice.

On a daily basis, they have archived versions of a large number of websites.

They also crawl Reddit several times a day, and their server contains a wealth of information and archived Reddit articles.

To find archived Reddit posts and comments, go to and type in the Reddit URL, which is, in the search box.

When you’re finished, you’ll see a large chart with years and a smaller square chart with days and months highlighted in blue and green.

Select the year for which you wish to access Cached or archived Reddit data, and then choose a day from the month calendar.

The Wayback Machine can also be used to view cached versions of other websites.

Simply input the website or page URL you’d like to see a cached copy of, as well as the day and time you’d want to receive the copy.


That concludes the list; if you require further websites, you may consult some official Reddit threads on the subject.

However, the websites listed above are prominent and have the most cached Reddit comments and posts.


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