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Highlighted Comment on YouTube

Highlighted comment on YouTube, YouTube Highlighted Comment or reply, whichever way it comes, is something a lot of people are concerned about because they don’t know what it means and the reason for that.

Ever since Youtube introduced this new feature, It has caused a lot of confusion among the platform users.



Well, a Highlighted comment is actually nothing to worry about, as it is just a way of drawing attention to that comment.

Have you ever noticed a comment in highlight on youtube and have been wondering what it means.

Today I will be talking about Youtube Highlighted Comment.

Just relax and read through so you get a better understanding, and cease being worried, any time you notice your comment is in highlight.

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What is a Highlighted comment on YouTube?

On YouTube, highlighted comment literally means that it is receiving more attention and responses. 



Ever since YouTube’s growth from video, We all know that anything highlighted on social media is helpful because it attracts others to read it, and if they find it useful, they will like, respond, and share making it accessible to many.

Those comments are usually labeled as highlighted comments on YouTube. 
It drew users’ attention after comments failed to appear on their message, and whenever the tag was available, the issue was resolved. 

What does a highlighted comment mean on YouTube| Who can Highlight a Comment?

YouTube’s comment highlighting is recent automated feature that simplifies the browsing experience. 
Anyone can highlight comment in any video, regardless of whether they are the commenter or just a frequent viewer.
YouTube Comment Highlighting comes in two ways; Highlighted Comment, and Highlighted Reply.
This means that YouTube can also highlight comment replies, but with, slightly different wording such as a Highlighted reply.
However, they serve the same purpose, the only difference is that the reply will be displayed only when the targeted comment gets a reply.
The advantage of this feature, however, is for the video’s owner. 
If the video owner highlights message, it becomes easier for them to react to it and find it later in large number of comments.

How To Highlight A YouTube Comment

Highlighting of Youtube comments is something that is being done by YouTube automatically depending on how the video was made or the user’s preferences.

When user comments on video you’ve uploaded to YouTube, you’ll get an email notification, with a highlighted comment link displayed in the alert.
Another way to add a highlight to a youtube comment is by  clicking on the time| time stamp next to a commenter’s username in the YouTube comments section (e.g. Adams  2 months ago) 
This will display highlighted URL for that particular comment.
The value to viewer who has highlighted statement is straightforward. 
They’ll get notification that says “Highlighted Reply” when someone responds to their comment. 

How To Remove Highlighted Reply On YouTube

It is not possible to remove a highlighted comment on YouTube,  however, you can try to modify the URL of the video to delete the parameters added to the regular Youtube link, and then reload the video.
You can also log out of your Google account, and browse YouTube.
You won’t be able to leave comments or communicate with the video, but there will be no highlighted comment on it. 
Have you ever noticed a highlighted comment on Youtube, or has your comment be highlighted either by you or Google.
Let us know in the comment section.

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