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Reddit is a social discussion website that allows people all over the globe to come together to discuss different fields you could ever think of, such as politics, Comedy, philosophy, programming, Relationship, Fashion, News, Tech, Food, Finance, Marketing both digital and affiliate marketing, etc

The site describes itself as the front end of the internet.



Reddit website also accepts guest posting in which people are allowed to upvote or downvote your content. So if you are a Niche or none Niche blogger, Reddit can help you reach a much more audience through guest posts.

But don’t get too excited. Reddit is not like other platforms that you can easily spam to get traffic to your site.

Reddit uses Karma points to prevent the site from spammers. So if you are going to Reddit to spam with your site links everywhere, then Reddit is not for you.


If this is your question, then the answer is YES. Reddit is notoriously strict on a post that violates the privacy of any community, they take it upon themselves to ensure that the site is very safe for users.

Also, it gives room to where negative feedback can be given on a specific post.

I guess you know what negative feedback can do to your site both in the ranking. So if you are a spammer, the best thing you can do is to avoid the Reddit website.



Content with a lot of downvoting will quickly fall then disappear, whereby the ones with high upvoting will be moved up for a large number of people to view.

If you are a blogger living outside United State looking for United States Traffic for your entertainment blog or you are an artist then you can flow with Reddit by locating a subreddit for an artist.

If you want to know how to use Reddit as a source of getting traffic to your site, then keep reading.


The site is divided into different kind of forums which is also known as “subreddits” the good news is, it can be created by anyone

Example of subreddits display is /r/politic, /r/funny, /r/news, etc.

  1. Before you start using the website you have to read through the policy and privacy violation rules if you cope with it then continue by Signing up.
  2. To sign up go to the website.
  3. Are you done signing up? Good, now do the same with the subreddit by going through the forum rules and regulations before requesting to join any subreddit

Note: Treat this as important.

  1. Try to get used to the community first before you even think of creating your subreddit. Comment on people’s posts, interact with other users on the forum, downvote, and upvote, let them get to know you as a user of the forum, and not spammer on the forum.
  2. Now you can start posting content relating to the subreddit. Any topic outside what the forum is for is spam. So try and avoid posting content about Food to Tech subreddit or else you will be seen as a spammer.
  3. Don’t only post in a forum just to get traffic to your site, sometimes just post for fun and engagement from other users.
  4. You can also use Reddit ads to reach more users and send traffic to your event, products, or website.




I know, after all, I’ve told you about Reddit you must have already been on the new page of the computer to connect to Reddit. Hahaha yeah, I know that excitement of seeing where you can post to drive traffic to your site.

Well, I did that too, the first time I came across the platform.

Reddit has free and subscribed packages. To join the platform, membership is completely free but it has a basic feature that you can upgrade at any time.

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