What Is Rilnotifier App on Samsung Android and How Do I Fix It

What Is Rilnotifier App on Samsung Android and How Do I Fix It
The majority of consumers make assumptions based on their device’s system apps and background operations. The Carrier Hub app is 
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Another instance is the com.android.incallui app, which was initially misconstrued 
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important program that stores the User Interface (UI) data for your phone’s Call dialer app.

What is Wireless Data connection Error message on RILNotifier

The issue “RILNotifier unable to establish a wireless data connection” has been reported by a large number of Android users.

Many users have expressed their dissatisfaction with the RILNotifier’s Data Connection error. It’s mostly found on Sprint-enabled Samsung devices like the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S10. People feel it is the fault of the network carrier, however this is not the case.

The “Unable to Establish a Wireless Data Connection” problem is a network authentication error that occurs when your device fails to register with a certain component of the mobile network carrier, preventing you from connecting to the Internet via mobile data.

When your mobile data is turned on but your device is unable to receive data services, this error can appear at any time.



The error “Unable to Establish a Wireless Data Connection” might occur for a variety of reasons.

1)  The Mobile Carrier network is unable to Provision the device.

2) The Device is cannot connect to Mobile Carrier services .

3) When a new device is registered with an old SIM card.

4) When Your Preferred Roaming List (PRL) is not updated.

5) When You have a custom ROM installed on your device.

How Do I Fix the Wireless Data connection Error message

This mistake can be fixed using a variety of methods, some of which may or may not work for you. As a result, I strongly suggest you to thoroughly test all of the solutions listed below.



1)  Flash stock ROM (Firmware)

2) Turn off your mobile data and then turn it back on.

3) Restart your computer.

4) Disable the LTE Band of the Carrier Network

5) Switch to a different network mode

6) Update the Preferred Roaming List on your smartphone (PRL)

7) Disable RILNotifier’s app notifications.



8) Reset Mobile Network Configuration

How To Fix Rilnotifier Consumes Too Much Battery

Some users have claimed that RILNotifier consumes a lot of battery and drains it quickly, although there is no data to support this claim.

RIL Notifier uses relatively little CPU power and doesn’t use much battery power, therefore it shouldn’t drain your battery.

If you’re using a Samsung device, the KNOX software could be depleting your power.

If you’re having trouble connecting to your mobile internet via wireless, go to Settings > Software/System Updates and make sure both Update Profile and Update PRL are updated. This should get rid of the problem on your device.


RilNotifier is an Android system app that is pre-installed on your new phone and does not need to be downloaded from the App Store. It’s in charge of telling other apps when data connectivity changes. It notifies you if your device is unable to connect to a wireless internet connection if there are problems with the connection. Some people mistake the RilNotifier software for a virus or malware that takes personal information and drains the battery, however this is not the case. This program is virus-free and does not deplete our device’s battery.

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