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who viewed your facebook profile

Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile – Is it feasible to identify the stalkers?

Can I find out who has viewed or visited my Facebook profile page?




Finally, Facebook allows you to see who has viewed your profile, following the Cambridge Analytica incident and the attendant privacy concerns.

Everyone appreciates the ability to control the privacy of their Facebook account and profile.

Facebook has always been adamant about not disclosing this information to its users.

Recent events, however, appear to have undermined the company’s position on this.

So you can now see who has viewed your profile on Facebook.



The new tool allows you to see who has viewed your most recent postings and who has visited your profile in the last 30 days.

Five (5) Best Ways To See Who Viewed Your Profile on Facebook

This post will teach you how to use the finest strategies to see who is frequently spying on your profile.

Please be aware that there is no official Facebook route.

As a result, there’s no way to know who’s looking at your profile.

When using your Facebook account to join up for services that boast or promise to assist you, spy, on others who are reading your page, be cautious.



Though knowing who has viewed your profile isn’t essential, it might be useful at times because it displays a list of your secret crushers.

See Who viewed your Facebook profile on iPhone or Ipad Using iOS App

Are you an iPhone or iPad user? Then, to find out who has viewed your Facebook profile, follow the instructions below.

1.Go to your Facebook account and log in.

2.Select the main drop-down menu (3 links) from the drop-down menu.

3.To get started, go to Privacy Shortcuts.

4.Select “Who saw my profile” from the drop-down menu



Because this is a new function, if these methods don’t work for you, you can use various iOS apps like “Social Fans,” which will allow you to see who is viewing your Facebook page.

You may get this app for all iOS devices from the iTunes store, and then follow the steps above to check who accessed your Facebook page on mobile.

Using the IOS Social Fan App

This program is similar to the “Who Viewed My Profile Android App,” however it is developed particularly for IOS users.

This software will display you your Facebook profile or page stats, such as who has commented on your post, who has viewed your profile, and who has liked your postings.

Apart from seeing who has visited your Facebook profile, this software also allows you to watch your other social media data such as Twitter, Instagram, and a variety of others.

What Is the Best Way to Get a Social Fan App?

1.Search for “Social Fan App” in the App Store.

2.Install the app on your iOS device after downloading it.



3.Open the app and link it to your social media accounts.

4.It will now ask you for permission; please grant the permissions and go to the next stage.

5.Following the preceding step, you will be asked to select a subscription plan.

6.After you’ve completed the above steps, you’ll be prompted to select a subscription plan.

7.Make your selection based on your budget and complete the payment process.

8.That is all there is to it. From here, you may use the app to track your visits.

The only drawback to this software is that it requires a monthly membership, which is quite pricey.



Apart from the Social Fan App, there are a number of wonderful apps for iOS users that allow them to see who has visited their Facebook profile.

These are they:

1.On the Facebook iOS App, who interacts with my profile.

2.Organize Manage your Social Accounts.

The second app, “Manage your Social Accounts,” is recommended.

See Who viewed your Facebook profile on Android | Android FB users

It’s bad news! Currently, the feature is only available to iOS Facebook members. Is it possible for you to enlist their assistance? No!

Please note that mobile users can also utilize third-party apps to see who has viewed their profile by installing and linking them to their Facebook accounts.



On the Google Play Store, you may find a variety of apps.

Who Viewed My Profile is one that appears to be adequate (as many say).

This app can tell you who has viewed your Facebook profile and other social networking apps.

There is, however, no guarantee! The point is, if Facebook hasn’t included a feature for Android to check your profile viewers, how can you see it with other apps?

Don’t be concerned! Other tips are discussed in the article.

How To Find Out Who Viewed Your FB Profile With The Android

This is a useful software for Android users who want to discover who has visited their Facebook page directly from their phone.

Where can I get this app?

1.To begin, go here and download the app.



2.Download and open the app.

3.When you first open the app, you’ll be prompted to connect to your Facebook account; simply do so.

4.You will be required to grant permission to access your Facebook account if you are already logged into your Facebook account on the device.

5.Once you’ve successfully granted them access to your Facebook account, the app will ask for your approval; all you have to do now is grant it.

6.Following that, the app will scan your Facebook page and provide the most recent visitors to my Facebook profile, as well as those who commented on and liked your post.

Okay, now it’s up to you to decide whatever approach you’d like to employ to monitor your visits.

How to see who viewed your Facebook on desktop Using Facebook Source Code.

Another important approach to finding out who has visited your Facebook profile is to look at the source code.



The good news is that you can view Facebook source code from your desktop using both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

However, I recommend that you use whatever browser you choose, but don’t forget to follow these instructions to check who has visited your Facebook page using source code.

NOTE: This is applicable to both the Chrome and Mozilla browsers.

How to Check Who Viewed Your Profile Using the “InitialChatFriendsList”

1.Log into your Facebook account using a web browser and go to the home page.

2.Select from the context menu when you right-click anywhere on your screen.

3.If you’re using the Chrome browser, you may also click CTRL + U.

4.This will reveal the source code for your Facebook timeline in a new tab.



5.Normally, the source page will include codes that you are unfamiliar with.

6.Simply hit CTRL + F to bring up the search window, and type “InitialChatFriendsList” into it.

7.Find the “InitialChatFriendsList” source code and look for user profiles there.

How to see who viewed your Facebook Profile Google Chrome Extension

Is there a way to check who has viewed my Facebook profile with a browser extension?

Yes, the Google Chrome extension helps you see who has visited your profile on Facebook.

You can instantly view your Facebook profile visitors by installing and adding a Chrome extension.

When using the Chrome web browser to access your Facebook page, this chrome extension is the best way to see who has visited your profile.



Once you’ve installed the extension on your Chrome browser, it will instantly begin tracking Facebook users that visit your profile, as well as showing you your most recent profile visitors by scanning the LOG file.

How To Set Up The Google Chrome Extension

Please follow the steps mentioned below to install this extension on your


1.Open the Chrome browser on your computer or laptop.

2.Search Google for “Social Profile View Notification.

3.Select “Add to Chrome” from the drop-down menu.

4.A pop-up message will be displayed at the top of your browser, asking you to either Add or Cancel the extension.

5.Activate the extension by clicking on “Add Extension.

6.Your Chrome browser will be updated with the plugin.

7.Then, using the same browser, go to and log in to your account.

8.Through your Facebook account, go to the Social Profile View Notification.

9.When you open Facebook, you’ll notice a Visitors tab along with the Search bar in the top bar, as well as a Search bar inline with the search bar and the home page.

10.Whenever you click on the visitor’s tab you will see who has visited your profile, a pop-up notice box will appear, revealing your most recent Facebook visit.

That concludes our discussion on how to check who has viewed your Facebook profile.

Sum Up

Because this feature was only recently enabled to the iOS app, Android users may have some issues for a while.

Try your luck with some of the third-party apps suggested in the article.

However, be wary of fake-functioning apps and continue to report anything that appears to be incorrect.

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