Y2mate Video Downloader | Download MP3, MP4 From YouTube

Y2mate downloader chrome extension |Y2mate Video Downloader | Download MP3, MP4 from YouTube

Have you been looking for how to download and save interesting videos from websites like Youku, Facebook,  or daily motion? Would you want to learn how you can download  YouTube  videos to your PC, or mobile for free?

Y2mate YouTube Downloader is a platform that allows you to download any Video online in the highest possible quality. 
YouTube videos can be downloaded in variety of formats, including MP3, MP4, 3GP, M4A, and more.

This website  supports downloads of all formats ranging such as MP4, 3GP, WebM, HD videos, it also converts YouTube to MP3.

unless you have authorization from the appropriate authority. You are not required to register or enter any personally information, like
email address, phone number, or date of birth.

What is a Y2mate Video Downloader?

Y2Mate is a centralized video download system built by Y2Mate.info. It allows users to stream and download audio and video content from YouTube and similar sites for offline use.  It is  a simple platform that allows you to download videos and music files from a variety of websites. All you have to do is copy and paste the download links into Y2mate’s search field, and you’re good to go. You are not required to sign up with your personal information like phone number, email address, or date of birth.

This Platform is a game changer. Why did I say so? YouTube is without a doubt the most widely used video entertainment site on the internet, and as we know YouTube does not allow users to download and save videos to device, but with a platform like Y2mate, downloading videos directly to your PC or mobile device is a work-over.

The download process is easy and straightforward, both on the mobile app, and the site proper. All contents are properly arranged in an 
internal library, making for easy identification, and  you to access it at any time.

Y2mate Downloader Feature

Allows Unlimited free download for offline use.

High-capacity video converter

It uses CUDA & DXVA Decoder for a Faster Video Conversion

No registration is required.

It can download from a variety of formats and can convert between more than 500 different formats.

Compatible with any browser be it Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari etc.

Compatible with all devices be it  Smartwatches, Android, Xbox, iPhone, tablets, iPad, Sony PSP,  Samsung, Nokia, BlackBerry phones, consoles.

Is y2mate.com legal to use?

Downloading videos from YouTube is expressly forbidden unless you have authorization from the appropriate authority. As you already know, that a greater percentage of the music and videos on video-streaming services like YouTube  are licensed to their owners (the original creators of the video, not the uploader). As a result, downloading any of these copyrighted videos is a violation of YouTube’s TOS (Terms of Service).

The majority of Y2mate video and audio downloads are considered a copyright violation. You can only legally download videos and audio from the internet if they are in the public domain or licensed under a creative commons license.

Is Y2Mate Safe?

For me, I will say that Y2mate is neither safe nor dangerous. This is because 3rd party sites usually track your download history as well as your IP address, and this can jeopardize your privacy online, and put you in legal complications.

How to Download YouTube Videos Safely onY2mate

It’s simple to download and convert your favorite media with the Y2mate website. To get the most out of this site, follow these simple steps.
The first step is to use Google to search for Y2mate or type Y2mate.com directly into the URL field to go to the site.
Once you are on the platform, you can either search for video you want to download using the Movie Title, or by using the  URL of the video. 

In the search box, type the name of the video you wish to convert or paste the URL. Click the “Start” button to initiate  the conversion process.

The next step is to choose the format of the  video you want to download, you’ll need to decide on the file size. You can save any video you like. You can choose from a variety of video quality levels as well as the option to download an audio file.
After you’ve chosen the video/audio format you wish to download, click the “Download” button. The download will commence  immediately you click the download button.

Y2mate Chrome Extension

Y2mate simplifies the process even further by using the Y2mate chrome extension. You must to install Tamper monkey on your Chrome browser before you can use the Y2mate chrome extension. Go to the Y2mate website (here) and click the install now button after clicking add to chrome. This will open an interface similar to the one seen below. Just before the like button, click install, which will bring up a download option on YouTube. If you wish to download any of the videos, simply click on them to go to the Y2mate website.ate.com.

Y2mate Alternatives

There are other alternatives to y2mate for downloading YouTube videos. some of them are mentioned below:

By Clicking Downloader

Tube Go can be used to download videos from a number of platforms such as, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Dailymotion,  Netflix, Vimeo, etc. It is equipped with an in-built YouTube converter that can convert YouTube videos toHDMP4,  MP4, MP3,  4K,  formats. It can also convert video to MP3 (audio), download YouTube playlists in bulk, and track several downloads simultaneously.

4k Video Downloader


Y2mate is an excellent YouTube video downloader. However, downloading copyrighted videos is always a bad idea. Because, depending on where you live, being caught by the authorities can have terrible consequences.

Using the y2mate.com platform without taking some security measures to safeguard your personal information online, and also protect your device from malicious malwares  is risky.  You will be exposing your information to hackers, and your device  could be infected with a variety of viruses and dangerous malware. It’s recommended that you have an anti-viruse have an antivirus that can protect you in real time against viruses and hacking threats. Updating your device OS and software is highly recommended.



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